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Spider Removal

For comprehensive spider removal in Portland, look no further. The expert exterminators at Family Home Pest Control have dealt with all sorts of spiders, big and small.

Here in the northwest, there are so many different kinds, it’s hard to keep track! One of the most common and dangerous ones we find, however, is the Hobo Spider, also known as the Aggressive House Spider.

These spiders travel very fast and far. They create funnel-shaped webs and are typically small and brown in color. Their venomous bite is not too painful initially, but can cause side effects such as headaches, nausea, weakness, and blurred vision.

Our pest control service technicians’ vast knowledge of poisonous spiders is just one of the many reasons our Portland spider removal services are so valued. There are many other species of spiders in the northwest that will invade your home at any chance they can to get out of the cold, wet weather and into the warm shelter with food supply.

Additionally, smaller insects will attract spiders, so they may be inclined to enter your home if they find a food source. That’s why it is important to keep your house sealed at all times and take proper measures to repel all kinds of bugs.

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Spider Removal Prevents Bigger Problems

When it comes to pest control problems that involve insects, they tend to work in packs, especially if you wait too long to address the issue. This is why spider removal in Portland at the first sign of an infestation can keep a small problem small. Small bugs are likely to attract bigger bugs that prey on them, and the damage and scent that they create may attract even more bugs, and so on. As mentioned above, you should avoid this by keeping your home sealed at all times, including windows, doorways, and all cracks and crevices in between.

You should also use repellents and traps in areas that do not have high traffic. If you start to notice webs or spiders more often than usual, it would be a good idea to contact a professional exterminator for spider removal and to get rid of any nests or eggs, in a safe and effective manner. At Family Home Pest Control, our expert exterminators have plenty of experience dealing with spiders and would be happy to help in any way they can.

In addition to our spider removal services we also provide bee, termite, cockroach, and flea removal services!

Other Services Include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 503-300-5054 today!

  • How do you prevent pests?
    Pest prevention depends on what you’re trying to prevent. Some best practices we always advise customers to follow are to keep all food items (including those for pets) in air-tight containers. Make sure there are no leaks in your home (including the attic and basement). Mechanical exclusion involves sealing off all entry points into the home. This is difficult for homeowners to accomplish without help, but you can keep your lawn and surrounding areas clean and free of debris. If there are any trees or bushes that provide roof access for pests, move these away from the home or trim them shorter than the roof line.
  • How do you control pests?
    Our exterminators use the right method for the job. We take into account the property, pest type,
    and residents of the home. Certain methods aren’t used when small animals or children are present. We always target our efforts as well. That means identifying paths your pest uses, where they are present, and using their feeding areas and times against them to achieve the fastest and most complete results.
  • How is pest control done?

    There are three types of pest control procedures:

    • Biological pest control: This uses chemical agents and may involve baits, pheromones, sprays, and repellants.
    • Physical pest control: Exterminators manually remove pests and use control methods like barriers, sealants, and environmental manipulation to control pests.
    • Mechanical pest control: Mechanical devices include traps, bait stations, and other devices designed to prey on the behavior of a specific pest.

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