5 Tips to Avoid Spiders in the House

Portland Spiders

Spiders may cause a fear reaction in many people, but is that a necessary reaction in the Northwest? The answer is yes. Oregon does have at least three known venomous spiders that have been identified in Oregon: the black widow, the hobo spider, and the yellow sac spider. A fourth, the brown widow spider, has recently been reported as having been seen in Oregon. Of course calling for residential pest control in Portland is the best way to keep your house free of spiders, but here are some additional ways you can avoid spiders in your home:

Keeping Spiders in Portland out of Your Home

  1. Avoid having shrubbery and plants close to the entrances of your home. Spiders like to live in the thick foliage that bushes have to offer. Having them planted near doors or windows allows spiders easy access. If you already have these planted around your home keep them trimmed down, particularly where they are closest to doors and windows.
  2. Keep your home sealed up. As homes age, they get natural gaps in the frames of windows and doors as the wood deteriorates. Use caulking to seal up any cracks and crevices that create a spider entrance into the house. Make sure screens do not have any holes or places where they are not secure in the frame.
  3. Place fragrant potted plants around entrances. Plants such as lavender, citronella, and peppermint are natural deterrents for many spiders.
  4. Do not leave outdoor lights on. Lighting attracts insects that are food for spiders, making the area around these lights a desirable place for spiders to be. Yellow sodium vapor lights are not as attractive to insects and therefore make a good alternative for outdoor lighting.
  5. Don’t leave clutter around. Both inside and outside the house, clutter is an easy place for spiders to take up residence. Keep items off the floor and avoid creating piles. Dust and vacuum those items that do sit on the floor.
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