Brown Widow Spider Sightings in Oregon

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You may have heard of brown widow spiders being spotted in Oregon, but were not sure if these reports were rumors or simply cases of misidentification. In fact, a public health official confirmed that the venomous spiders can be found in the Portland, OR area. However, this news is not as dire as it may seem. Brown widows are not likely to cause serious harm, and there are ways you can prevent getting a brown widow bite. A quality pest control company can perform spider removal in Portland, OR if you find brown widow spiders around your home.

What Does a Brown Widow Spider Look Like?

The brown widow is a relative of the black widow, and has the same distinctive hourglass shape on its abdomen. However, the color is dull orange instead of red. The body is tan and brown with black squares and stripes. Its legs are light brown with black joints.

Can a Brown Widow Bite Poison Me?

The brown widow spider is venomous, but its fangs are too small to do any serious harm to humans. They cannot penetrate the skin enough to inject a large amount of venom. However, the bite will still be quite painful and will leave a mark. Even though a brown spider bite will not cause serious harm, you should still visit a healthcare professional if you think you were bitten. Try to trap the spider in a container and put it in the freezer in order to kill it. You can bring the container with you for identification.

How Can I Keep From Getting Bitten?

Brown widows like to hide under plastic toys and furniture, so be sure to check those items before handling. You should also try to keep plastic items away from entrances to your home.

Spraying bug spray will not do much to deter spiders, but a rodent removal service in Portland, OR will have the tools to keep the spider population away from your home. Remember that encountering a brown widow is more likely to scare you than hurt you, and call in a professional pest control company to help.

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