3 Reasons for Professional Rodent Removal


Rodent Removal

Rodents in Portland can be a major hassle. Like all major metropolitan areas, there are a surplus of environments that harbor rats. Sewers, old building with easy access points, construction areas and parks all provide a wonderful place for rats to call home. With the vast majority of rainfall occurring in winter and a growing population requiring more and more housing, rodents are constantly getting displaced. When they do, they move into neighborhoods where food and shelter are plentiful. There are DIY option for rodent removal in Portland, but you’ll be taking a major gamble that doesn’t always pay off. Hiring a professional for rodent removal pays off in multiple ways.

The Professional Rodent Removal Difference

When you get professional rodent removal in Portland, you aren’t getting someone fresh out of extermination school. A good pest control company employs highly skilled and trained technicians with years of experience. This experience and training is what makes all the difference when it comes to rodent removal. Meaning you get:

  • Integrated Rodent Management – You may have heard the term integrated pest management before. It may sound like a buzz word, but if you don’t have an integrated plan, you don’t have a plan at all. Removing rodents is great, now you don’t have any, but did you think about where they got in? Did you consider your previous guests nesting area, and whether or not it might be near or in a duct so that every time you turn on your heater you’re blowing rodent feces straight into your living room? A professional exterminator will. They make sure to tackle rodent entry points, existing problems and cleanup so that your problem gets addressed in its entirety.
  • Rodent Treatment Expertise – There are many over the counter options for handling rodent removal in Portland, and many of them are incredibly toxic and dangerous. Reading a label and attempting to follow instructions is all well and good, but only until someone gets hurt. A pest control technician doesn’t just have access to the latest equipment and methods for rodent control, they know how to use them in the most effective and safe manner possible. That’s experience you can’t gain on hubspot, and a peace of mind that’s priceless.
  • Proactive Pest ControlRodent removal in Portland doesn’t end with the initial problem. A pest control expert can help create a proactive plan that will keep your property rodent free. This can include regularly scheduled upkeep treatments in addition to identifying rodent entry points and stopping them, or giving you the information you need to do the work yourself. Proactive rodent control is customer oriented, and the goal isn’t just completion of the job. The goal is to make sure you stay rodent free.

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