Managing rats during the rainy season.


With the rainy season in full swing, the rat population of Portland, OR has taken cover. Their food supply is running out and local homes are looking even more enticing. When your situation is out of hand, it’s best to get professional rodent removal in Portland, OR. If you haven’t encountered a major problem yet, there are a number of simple things you can do to make your home an unpleasant place for rats.

Remove Rat Food Sources:

Rats love an easy bite, and bird feeders are a major attraction. By emptying these out, you may see less of your flying friends, but removing any source of food is a strong deterrent to your local rat population. The same goes for garbage and compost piles. If these are accessible at all, rats will get to them. Inspect these receptacles for holes, weak spots, or entry points and patch them up. Don’t leave pet food outside either.

Keep Everything Secure from Rats:

Even though a drain trap can keep larger alpha male rats from entering your toilet, it can be ineffective against younger ones. When incoming waters force them through the sewers they keep moving, sometime right past the trap and into your toilet bowl. A closed lid is the simplest way to keep them from getting into your house from the sewer. Sealing vents, windows, garage door gaps, structural gaps and floor drains can keep rats from entering your home. Smaller rats can fit through holes as large as a quarter in diameter.

Clean Up Rat Hotels:

If you have junk or debris in your yard, you may also be running a rat hotel. They love taking up residence in small tight spaces, these include any unsecured areas, like those beneath concrete, decks, and unfinished basements. The same goes for debris piles, so store any fire wood off the ground at least a foot and a half, and make sure to quickly bag and dispose of piles of leaves.

Now that you’re prepared for rats in the rainy season, you should be well equipped. If you’ve already got a rat problem, it’s never too late to call your local specialist for rodent removal in Portland, OR.

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