Winter Pest Spotlight: The Carpenter Ant


Carpenter Ants: Nature’s Handymen

Sometimes it seems like winter is a breeze in the pest industry. Many summertime bugs go dormant, leaving us to deal with pests eternal like rats, mice, and roaches. That isn’t always the case though. Winter just might be your chance to spot an infestation you may not have noticed otherwise. Today’s focus is on the carpenter ant. These flying ants get around during the summer, spotting one inside every now and again when it is warm shouldn’t be an instant cause for alarm. Maybe a 6 on the pest concern scale. Finding one in your house during winter is a 10. This is a sign that a carpenter ant nest is incredibly likely.

Well they may sound friendly enough, carpenter ants aren’t named because they build cute little houses out of timber. They do build long networked tunnels out of your house though. These critters like to infest cut moist wood planks, so often make their home around roofs, porches, and decks. There are some ways to determine whether or not you may be suffering from a carpenter ant infestation.

Carpenter Ant Signs

Though often mistaken for termites, there are a number of clear ways to tell what you are dealing with.

Carpenter Ants tend to leave behind frass. This light fine saw-dust is kicked out by carpenter ants as they excavate. Termites pack their homes with mud or soil, and carpenter ants do not. Winged termites do not have a defined waist, and have even wings. Flying ants have narrow, defined waists, and front wings that are larger than their rear wings. Carpenter Ants are darker and can be dark brown to black in color, termites are usually much lighter and tan in color. Termites are soft and small, ants are usually larger and have hard chitinous exoskeletons.

If you think you have a carpenter ant infestation, it’s not too late. Your trusted pest control provider can eliminate the problem and leave you with a carpenter ant-free home. So don’t wait to contact Family Home Pest Control today.

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