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For the most comprehensive pest control in Beaverton, you want Family Home Pest Control. For more than 38 years, residents have relied on our pest control services for their pest control in Beaverton. All of our pest control solutions are individualized to you.

That way we can target your specific needs and eliminate your pest problem. We only hire certified pest control technicians. Extensive training guarantees you the safest extermination methods available utilizing state of the art products.

Whether you need help at a personal residence or business property, we’ll be there. We even have control methods tailored for apartment complexes.

Your Comprehensive Pest Controller

Pests in Beaverton never rest. We’ve got the know-how and proper equipment to stop your pest problem in its tracks. Our services include:

  • Rodent Pest Control – From mice to rats, Family Home Pest Control technicians are skilled at utilizing advanced pest control methods to eliminate rodents. We can secure your residence from further intrusion while we permanently remove any unwelcome guests.
  • Spider Pest Control – Winter months bring spiders out of the woodworks and indoors. With the change in weather, homeowners frequently enter attics and basements. This alone can increase the chance of contact with a poisonous spider. Our technicians can remove eggs and spider nests that often accompany other insect problem areas. Spiders tend to congregate around a food source, so these often go hand in hand.
  • Roach Pest Control – You might just see the after-effects of a roach infestation since they tend to come out at night. These little insects can contaminate food and cause allergies. This makes it important to contact a skilled pest controller like Family Home Pest Control as soon as possible.
  • Bed Bug Control– These tenacious insects can hitch a ride from a hotel room or neighbor’s house. Dealing with them as soon as possible keeps a ruined vacation from becoming a ruined home. We have a wide array of treatment methods to combat bed bug infestation. Don’t delay if you have any suspicions.
  • Flea Pest Control– Fleas are almost always unexpected. They hitch a ride on a beloved pet, and before you can blink you’ve got them all over. Over the counter flea treatments can help your pet, but when a home is infested they don’t always work. There are different flea strains, and we have a unique method for each one.
  • Ant Removal – This is the most common reason for residents to call a pest control service. Call us if ants just won’t leave you alone.

For the best pest control in Beaverton call (503) 300-5054 or Contact Family Home Pest Control today.

At Family Home Pest Control, we provide our services to a variety of locations. When you need pest control in Tualatin, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Wilsonville, Portland, or anywhere in between we are here to help!

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Beaverton, OR

Beaverton, OR is a bustling city with access to plenty of jobs and fun activities. Beaverton, OR is part of what’s known as the Silicon Forest. This portion of the forest contains a Linux Technology Center of IBM. Nike, Inc. also has its headquarter located in Beaverton, OR. With Portland just a scant 7 miles away, visitors and residents have access to amazing recreational locations.

These include the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This massive interactive museum is fun for children of all ages. It houses exhibits that teach with the hands on engagement that helps it to stick. Those looking for more of a passive experience can visit the Portland Art Museum. Current exhibits cover ancient artifacts to modern paintings, and it is frequently home to traveling exhibits as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 503-300-5054 today!

  • How do you prevent pests?
    Pest prevention depends on what you’re trying to prevent. Some best practices we always advise customers to follow are to keep all food items (including those for pets) in air-tight containers. Make sure there are no leaks in your home (including the attic and basement). Mechanical exclusion involves sealing off all entry points into the home. This is difficult for homeowners to accomplish without help, but you can keep your lawn and surrounding areas clean and free of debris. If there are any trees or bushes that provide roof access for pests, move these away from the home or trim them shorter than the roof line.
  • How do you control pests?
    Our exterminators use the right method for the job. We take into account the property, pest type,
    and residents of the home. Certain methods aren’t used when small animals or children are present. We always target our efforts as well. That means identifying paths your pest uses, where they are present, and using their feeding areas and times against them to achieve the fastest and most complete results.
  • How is pest control done?

    There are three types of pest control procedures:

    • Biological pest control: This uses chemical agents and may involve baits, pheromones, sprays, and repellants.
    • Physical pest control: Exterminators manually remove pests and use control methods like barriers, sealants, and environmental manipulation to control pests.
    • Mechanical pest control: Mechanical devices include traps, bait stations, and other devices designed to prey on the behavior of a specific pest.

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