What Your Pest Control Professional Needs to Know

Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest control in Portland requires training, skill, and expertise. A good pest control technicians knows how to handle a variety of creatures. Residents in the Northwest regularly encounter rodents, bed bugs, termites, and much more. Every one of them has different behavioral patterns, unique burrowing habits, and varied ways they interact with their surroundings. Some cause health problems, others cause property damage, but they all share a similar quality. Every pest interferes with your life enough for you to seek professional pest control in Portland. That’s why your involvement in pest control can never be understated. It’s important to share all the information you have regarding your Portland pest problem with your pest control technician. As soon as they arrive always be sure to:

What your Pest Control Expert Should Know

  1. Define the Pest Problem – This requires honesty and thoroughness. Your pest control technician isn’t judgmental, and their only goal is to provide you with a pest free home. Make sure they know what your problem is. Have you found feces, holes in the wall, skin rashes or bumps? All of these are clues that help pinpoint the problem. Make sure to indicate when your interactions with the pest have occurred, and provide the best description possible. Your technician is familiar with pests, but the more specific you are the better. If you find any dead pests, store one in an air tight container for examination by your pest controller. Pictures can also prove useful in the diagnosis of your pest problem.
  2. Explain the Pest Problem Duration – This doesn’t mean you should tell them how long it has occurred and end at that. The duration of a pest problem can help your technician to know what pesticides to use, as different pest stages require different methods of control. Try to recall any differences that may have occurred around the time of the initial pest infestation. Many pests like bed bugs, ants, and termites are actually brought into a home from the outside. These pests often inhabit antique furniture, turning a steal at a garage sale into an incredibly costly piece of furniture. The more information a technician has, the easier he can deduce the nature of a pest problem.
  3. Share any Previous Pest Control Efforts – With the number of forums, hubs, and increasing ways to share information it’s easy to think you’ve found an answer to your pest problem, but attempting to fix it yourself can often result in disaster. It’s easy to misuse over the counter pest control poisons, misidentify a pest entirely, mistake one species for another, or even use the wrong substance at the wrong stage of development. If you’ve attempted any amateur pest control efforts your Portland pest control professional needs to know exactly what it is you used, when you used it, and where you used it. This may have an effect on their pest control efforts, but it is vital information. Don’t hold back and your professional will have a much easier time providing you with an efficient, comprehensive pest control solution.

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