The Life of Roaches


Cockroaches can be the bane of any homeowner who happens to come across these disease-carrying pests. Unfortunately, Portland OR residents are particularly at risk due to the moist, mild climate of the Northwest. Knowing a little bit about the habits of roaches can help you avoid an infestation and determine when it’s time to call your local pest control in Portland OR.

How Do They Get In?

Roaches are resilient little creatures that find their way into your home through foundation cracks, vents, piping, and sewers. They can even stow away on those groceries you bought at the farmers market or the used couch you picked up from your neighbor.

Where Do They Hide?

Cockroaches prefer areas that are damp, dark, and warm. Does this sound familiar? Common areas for nesting include closets, furniture, vents, basements, and garages.

Why Be Concerned?

Subtlety is the main concern with roaches. They are nocturnal insects, which means they can be difficult to spot, especially considering their quest for hidden spaces. Many homeowners never even realize that they are living with roaches until it becomes a major problem. Moreover, they are active year-round and reproduce extremely quickly. Should you happen to spot one during the day, chances are it was pushed out of a considerably large population somewhere inside your home.

Not only are they unsightly, but roaches also carry all kinds of diseases. Their excrement and skin particles can also cause allergic reactions, particularly in children and adults with weaker immune systems.

How to Avoid Them?

Even the most seemingly clean homes are not always immune. Nevertheless, prevention is key. Ensure that you cover up trashcans and avoid letting leftover food sit out too long. Keep counters clean and floors swept, and be on the lookout for any leaks or standing water. If you do happen upon a roach, you may want to contact a professional exterminator in Portland OR. With a little awareness though, you can help keep your home from becoming a giant nest.

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