Guidelines to Home Pest Control

Pest Control

Pests are a big nuisance in any home. Not only can they cause health related problems they lead to embarrassing moments especially when you have visitors around. Some useful guidelines for home pest control are outlined here.

1.Correct pest identification
This is important because different amounts of a pesticide may be required to adequately deal with different types of pests. You should choose the pesticide that is most effective to deal with the target pest with the least effect on other insects, pests and plants species. Plants may be affected by the use of certain pesticides and should be considered prior to application.

2.Avoid direct exposure to pesticides
Certain pesticides such as foggers, bombers and aerosols give off mists and vapors that are easily absorbed by the body and contaminate the whole area where they are used. Odor after application may persist for a number days leading to irritation and nausea. Some pesticides could cause cancer and infertility.
Be cautious if someone in your home is pregnant or has breathing problems. In this case, you should speak to your doctor before attempting application of any pesticides within your home.

3.Correct pesticide use
Read the pesticide label carefully. This helps you use the pesticide safely, correctly and legally. The labels provide important information regarding usage, handling and disposal. Additionally, the label gives risks associated with using the pesticide and gives steps to take to minimize exposure to those risks. Ensure that you read the first aid instructions on the label and remove personal items from the spray area to avoid contamination.
These are general guidelines when using over the counter pesticides in the home. It is vitally important that the instructions on the label are followed carefully to avoid exposure to harmful circumstances and danger to household members.
Better still get the help of a pest control expert. These experts have the necessary experience and tools to get rid of the pests in your home in a professional way.

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