Termite Removal Portland

Termite Removal Portland

Termite Removal

When it comes to professional termite removal in Portland from Family Home Pest Control, it helps to know what you’re facing. In the Pacific Northwest there are two different types of termites that are predominant. One is called damp wood termites and the other one is called subterranean termites. Damp wood termites need in an environment that is very moist. Thus the name “damp wood”. They are not usually found in homes that much because the wood in most structures is usually dry. If there ends up being some sort of a moisture leak from rain or a bad roof, then it is possible to get the damp wood termites infested in those walls.

More often, damp wood termites are found in logs that are laying in the wet environment, out in the rain. Quite often during the the summer you will see bugs flying during the day or in the evening. They will have relatively large wings and fly somewhat slowly. They are actually female winged reproductive termites of the Damp-wood species. They’re looking for a place to start a new nest and quite often do get up under the lip of the bottom of the siding and into your walls. This can usually be prevented by appropriate termite treatment measures like applying pesticide around the perimeter of your structure, no further apart than every three months. Usually only pest-control companies have the right kind of pesticides for this. Treatment for one type of termite may not prevent the need for termite removal of another variety.

Subterranean termites, however are the ones that you should be more concerned about. Their nests are down under ground and cannot be seen. They come up out of the ground and build small mud tunnels to stay inside of, when they come up to eat your house. Usually termite treatments are very expensive and require very specific types of treatment depending on where they are found in the structure. Termite removal technicians can identify which type of termite you’re facing, the extent of the damage, and the appropriate termite removal methods to employ.

Considering The Best Termite Removal Treatment

There are a whole variety of treatments for subterranean termites. You can go to all lengths with respect to making sure that you don’t have them or don’t get them in the future. Some people do preventative maintenance treatments on a regular basis. There are times where that would be warranted. Our termite removal specialists will work with you to identify the best action plan for your property.

In some instances we have treatments that will last for many years. Usually there has to be a specific type of application of material on the dry wood where it does not, or never will get wet. This material penetrates the wood and crystallizes there and is active for many years. However, if the wood gets wet then the product will leach out of the wood and become useless as a preventative. This is considered a very special type of treatment and usually is relatively expensive.

There are other treatments that can be used which include trenching around the foundation both in the crawlspace and outside of the house on the ground. You can also use subsoil injection or, subslab injection where necessary. Also sometimes the walls need to be injected as well. There are a lot of facets of treatment types for different types of termites. Each and every situation regarding termites needs to be analyzed individually and treated in a specific way. Always consult a pest-control expert like one of ours, that has been in the business for many years. For professional termite removal in Portland, Call (503) 452-9965 or Contact Family Home Pest Control today.

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